PhD student to project in chemistry/chemical engineering
PhD position in machine design: novel lubrication technologies
Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering with specialization in energy processes
Two PhD Student Positions in Electric Power Systems
PhD student in Building Service and Energy Systems
PhD student in Concrete Structures
PhD student in History of Science, Technology and Environment
Two PhD Student Positions in Machine Learning and Automatic Control
PhD Position in "Visualizing the machinery of life - Generalizing the common lines method to forward wave propagators"
PhD position in “HPC methods to simulate airplane wings: Virtual Wind Tunnel” at Linné FLOW Centre/KTH Mechanics
PhD Student Position in Automatic Control with Specialization in Modeling
PhD Student Position in Resource Allocation for 5G Cellular Networks
PhD Student position in Optimal Antennas
PhD Position in Heat Transfer as Applied to Latent Heat Storage
PhD student positions in simulations and experiments of particle suspensions at the Department of Mechanics
PhD project: statistical interactions and sufficient causes in genetical epidemics
PhD student in in Chemical Engineering & Technology, KTH School of Chemical Science & Engineering
PhD position – On the reactivity of lignin Carbohydrate Complexes
Ph.D Student in High-Performance Scientific Computing
PhD position in Chemistry
PhD student in theoretical particle physics
Ph.D Student in High-Performance Computing
PhD student in theoretical physics
PhD Student Position in Physics
PhD Student Position in Optical Data Center Networks
Postdoc Position in Optical Data Center Networks
Assistant professor in Modeling of Buildings’ Energy Systems
KTH School of Biotechnology announces two Excellence PhD positions
PhD Student Position in Physical Layer Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems
PhD student for research in Mechatronics
Postdoc Position in Optical Networking