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7th Swedish Workshop on Data Science

The Swedish Workshop on Data Science (SweDS) is a national event aiming to maintain and develop data science research and its application in Sweden by fostering the exchange of ideas and promoting collaboration within and across disciplines.

Tid: Ti 2019-10-15 kl 09.00 - On 2019-10-16 kl 12.00

Plats: Q1, KTH

SweDS brings together researchers and practitioners working in a variety of academic, commercial or other sectors, and in the past has included presentations from a variety of domains, e.g., computer science, linguistics, economics, archaeology, environmental science, education, journalism, medicine, healthcare, biology, sociology, psychology, history, physics, chemistry, geography, forestry, design, and music. SweDS19 is organised by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH.

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Bob L. T. Sturm



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