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Nordic Biochar Conference 2019

During the conference we will hear about some of the ongoing biochar initiatives in the Nordics, get an update on what is happening in each country and discuss the path forward. To inspire personal meetings and networking, the conference will focus on information exchange and discussions through workshops, poster sessions and lectures in small groups.

Tid: On 2019-10-16 kl 11.00 - To 2019-10-17 kl 16.00

Plats: E-Ljusgården, Lindstedtsvägen 3, E-huset


Cecilia Sundberg

Conference topics are:
• Present state and future of biochar in the Nordic countries
• Urban applications of biochar
• Biochar production & quality
• Biochar for soil treatment
• Biochar in agriculture
• Biochar in the forest industry
• Biochar as CO2 removal method

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