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AIMES - Crossing Borders with Nicole Pamme

“Lab-on-a-Chip for Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Organ-on-a-Chip models and Radiopharmaceuticals”

Nicole Pamme, Stockholm University

Host: Agneta Richter-Dahlfors

Most welcome!

AIMES - Center for the Advancement of Integrated Medical and Engineering Sciences, KI & KTH

Tid: To 2022-04-28 kl 10.00 - 11.00

Plats: Zoom (sign-up required)

We are happy to welcome Nicole Pamme to give a talk with the following abstract:

Our research centres on the study of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices applied to environmental analysis, biomedical research and the synthesis of smart materials. Microfluidic devices offer the possibility for point-of-care analysis provided they are portable, require only minimal external instrumentation and little power and are robust. We are investigating simple to operate workflows for pathogen isolation and analysis in collaboration with clinical researchers in Kenya. In collaboration with biomedical scientists, we develop organ-on-chip systems, for example as models for wound healing and cancer metastasis. Furthermore, we are developing approaches to chip-based synthesis and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging.

More information: survey.ki.se/Survey/30206

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