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Designing the Sound of the Future workshop at Tekniska

Don’t you think that R2-D2 and Wall-E sound cute? We at KTH agree with you, and need your help! Come to Visionlabbet (Vision Lab) and Sineslabbet (Sensory Lab) at Tekniska in week 44 and help us design the sound of our robots!

Tid: Må 2021-11-01 kl 10.00 - Fr 2021-11-05 kl 22.00

Plats: Tekniska Museet

During week 44 researchers from Sound and Music Computing and from Social Robotics will run workshops and experiments in which visitors will design sounds for the robots of the future in collaboration with KMH Royal College of Music. This activity is supported by two projects funded respectively by VR - The Swedish Research Council and NAVET – KTH Center for Research in Art, Technology and Design.

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Roberto Bresin

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