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Data Intelligent Cities: a chat with Greenlytics, Tibber and KTH UrbanT

Data Intelligent Cities is a talk to be given on the nexus of data science and energy efficiency. Industry professionals and KTH researchers will give an insight into ground breaking applications of data analytics to enhance the energy efficiency of residential & commercial buildings and electrical grids. The participating students will have an opportunity to discuss potential thesis/internship opportunities at companies and research center invited to the event.

Tid: To 2020-01-16 kl 17.00 - 19.30

Plats: Teknikringen 10b

This event will feature two Industry professionals: Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi (Founder Greenlytics) and Jacob Dalton (Data Scientist at Tibber), who will discuss how data analytics can contribute to enhance energy efficiency of energy grids and Industrial sites. Afterwards, Oleksii Pasichnyi (Phd Candidate at KTH UrbanT) would be giving an interesting talk on how residential and commercial buildings can be made more energy efficient using data science.

The event will be comprised of three 15-minute lectures, three 5-minutes Q&A session, and a networking session at the end.

Lunch will be provided to the first 30 attendees.

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Muhammad Hafeez Saeed

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