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Lunch Seminar: Climate and Energy

Tid: To 2019-10-03 kl 12.00 - 13.00

Rebecka Engström, KTH

Integrated CLEWs in an urban world

Local action on sustainable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction is urgent to meet global climate commitments. 

But such actions have impacts on other resources. 

My research focuses on how we can assess impacts on water and land resources, both within a city and outside its borders – and the implications of these interactions on the global sustainability agenda.

Georgia Savvidou, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

An international perspective on climate change impacts

  • We live in an increasingly globalized economy
  • With important interconnections among countries, climate impacts in one country may spillover into others
  • If we recognise that some climate risks and impacts flow across borders, how can we systematically study them, and what policy implications exist?

Jenny Gode, Svenska miljöinstitutet (ivl)

Climate goals - a jungle of ideas 

When describing goals in the climate area, a number of terms are used, such as fossil-free, fossil-independent, renewable, climate-neutral and net zero emissions. But what do the different terms really mean and what significance do they have for the climate goals? The presentation will dig IVL deeper into various concepts that describe climate targets and also give some examples of how they are used in the Swedish energy industry.

When: 3 October, 12:00-13:00
Free lunch sandwich for the 50 early birds!

Where: KTH Entré

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