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Lunch Seminar: HYBRIT not Hubris

Tid: To 2020-01-30 kl 12.00 - 13.00

Plats: KTH Entré

Eva Petursson, Executive Vice President, Research and innovation, SSAB

SSAB and sustainable solutions

Johan Martinsson, Project Manager, SSAB, and Researcher, KTH.

The HYBRIT Research Program.

HYBRIT aims to transform the entire value chain of the steel production to fossil free: from the digging of iron ore, the production of hydrogen, to the melting and casting of steel. To better understand each area, a research program started during 2017 where all links of the chain are included, and KTH is involved in the fundamental research.

Oscar Hessling, PhD student KTH

Fundametal research on reduction kinetics for the HYBRIT project at KTH

Finding, describing and understanding differences are of key importance when modifying an existing process to a novel solution of an old problem. Reduction of iron ore in a shaft furnace using hydrogen, compared to natural gas, differs in one major way; no more carbon. How does this lack of carbon change the fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics of the reduction reactions? How do we test this? 

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