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ICES 10th anniversary with retrospective and future

ICES, the KTH-industry network center within software intensive embedded and cyber-physical systems was inaugurated in 2008 and has over the years grown to about 30 industrial members and established partnerships with several other regional and international networks.

ICES has soon been active as a center for 10 years! We will celebrate that with an anniversary conference in two parts. September 27th to 28th. First day with a management focus and the second day with more technical content.

Tid: To 2018-09-27 kl 13.00 - Fr 2018-09-28 kl 15.30

Plats: KTH Campus, Brinellvägen 64, room M2


Johanna Olsson

How shall we develop, maintain & manage the critical software intensive systems of tomorrow?
We are seeing an increasing amount of complex automated and networked software and computing systems in all industry domains - from cars to medical equipment – forming smart cities/ transportation / manufacturing etc. They promise new capabilities for a sustainable future. However, these systems will also represent unprecedented complexity with severe consequences if the services are not delivered as intended. This causes a need for new methodologies and engineering guidelines to ensure system trustworthiness and life-cycle efficiency.
This sets the scene for ICES 10-year anniversary conference.

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