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KTH Innovation Demo Day

From smart water meters to farming solutions of the future. Want to see some of the latest startups from KTH Innovation, KI Innovations and SSE Business Lab? Come to Demo Day at KTH Innovation on February 5th!

Tid: Ti 2019-02-05 kl 18.00 - 19.30

Plats: F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26


Lisa Bäckman

Farming solutions of the future, smart water meters, a platform for the treatment of obesity in children, a factoring marketplace, and tech to reduce stress – five promising KTH startups are now ready to take the next step after a year in KTH Innovation’s pre-incubator program. You’ll also meet four new startups from KI Innovations and SSE Business Lab, and hear what's new on the agtech scene from Lovisa Madås, founder of AGFO. On February 5th, you’re invited to Demo Day at KTH!

At KTH Innovation, a large number of future KTH startups are developed every year by our students, employees and researchers. Now it’s time for five of them to graduate from KTH Innovation’s pre-incubator program, a one-year program for early-stage, tech-based projects from KTH looking to speed up their development.

Come see the latest technology on the way out on the market, meet the students and researchers behind the ideas, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps!

18.00 Doors open

18.15 Program on stage begins

Ten promising startups pitch, news from KTH Innovation, KI Innovations och SSE Business Lab, and an update on the agtech scene from Lovisa Madås, founder of AGFO.

19.30 End

They pitch at KTH Innovation Demo Day on February 5th, 2019
From Batch 6 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program:
Ecobloom develops AI-powered micro-farms for households, classrooms and offices. Combining smart miniature greenhouse and a self-sustaining aquarium, this intelligent ecosystem allows users to grow fresh and organic food all year round, while being able to monitor and control the whole growing process from their phones.

Visit their website

Labtrino AB develops an intelligent water meter system for residential property owners. The company’s Trinometer system uses machine learning to break down water usage data into outlets and diagnoses an entire homes water usage from a single non-invasive sensor, in order to increase awareness and reduce usage.

Visit their website

Provement’s mission is to provide a platform to help their users manage their health in a balanced manner. They firmly believe that no one should have to deal with the challenges of obesity without adequate support.

Find their website here

MindfulHU is developing a physical and portable device that can imitate human breath and guide breath meditation for people under high stress. With their device, they present the possibility of having a relaxed environment anywhere with the power of mindful breathing.

Visit the website

Through an open and transparent marketplace for invoices/factoring we facilitate better financing for companies.

Visit the website

From KI Innovations:
NorthernLight Diagnostics:
There are several antidepressant treatments available, but effective treatments for individual cases are identified by trial-and-error. NorthernLight Diagnostics has developed algorithms which can predict the response to different treatments using the pattern of activity recorded by a wearable device. The output can be used by caregivers as decision support at very early stages in the management of patients with depression.

Cell culture is used across the world in a variety of laboratories, however it relies heavily on plastic consumables. The StackCell is new cell culture dish, significantly lighter and more compact than current solutions. It was engineered to reduce the quantity of plastic necessary for a dish and to reduce the amount of packaging required for its transport.

From SSE Business Lab:
PT Online
With a vision of facilitating a healthier lifestyle for everyone, PT ONLINE provides high quality training guidance in a convenient and accessible app format. Using proprietary algorithms the app adapts the training to each individual user, making the workout experience more relevant, varied and fun!

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