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KTH Space Rendezvous

Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration

Tid: Ti 2018-10-09 kl 13.00 - 18.00

Plats: Lecture hall E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 2.

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Human spaceflight will expand enormously during the coming decade. Today there is only two vehicles in operation that can take humans to space: the Russian Soyuz and the Chinese Shenzhou. We can expect four new American vehicles within 1-2 years, both for sub-orbital “space jumps” and for orbital flights. In about five years the first crewed flight around the Moon since 1972 will happen and soon after there will be a space station around the Moon. This development and further is the theme for the KTH Space Rendezvous this semester. A couple of astronauts, researchers, space engineers, a former MP of the parliament and students will give presentations and discuss about the future for Human spaceflight and exploration. 

As usual, the Rendezvous ends with a Space Pub, where the discussions and brainstorming can continue. The Space Pub will take place at "Tolvan", the student pub located at Osquars backe 12.

Click here to read the programme with our invited speakers and their topics (pdf 132 kB)

It is free to participate in the Space Rendezvous, and the event is open to everyone. Please help us by register in the form below if you want to attend, this helps us with the logistics!