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Live Curating in Architecture – From Master Houses to Working with a Broken Planet

How to exhibit something so big, so unmovable as architecture? Making architecture exhibitions is challenged by the absence of the object of architecture. Public lecture by professor Elke Krasny, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna followed by a panel discussion with Kieran Long, director of ArkDes, Thordis Arrhenius, associate prof. KTH School of Architecture and Christina Pech, research coordinator and lecturer, ArkDes. Moderated by Roemer van Toorn, prof. at UMA / Umeå School of Architecture.

The lecture is a collaboration between KTH-A's open lecture series, the PhD course 'Communication' and ArkDes.

Tid: To 2019-02-21 kl 16.00 - 17.30

Plats: Aula ArkDes

Much exhibition making still relies on the historical triad of drawing, plan, and model making use of the remnants left behind in the wake of the architectural design process.

But what about curating architecture? What about live curating in architecture? The lecture explores two different sites: the Master Houses, icons of modernism in Dessau, Germany, and the Open Centre/Free Middle, an urban wilderness on former railway lands currently transformed into a new urban neighborhood in Vienna. From these sites we will learn that live curating in architecture reveals the conditions of capital, technology, ecology, and labor architecture is a response to and an expression of. Moving from progress-centric Modernism to the Anthropocene-violence of our present moment, live curating engages the scale of 1:1 and performs architecture rather than turning it into a show.


Meike Schalk