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Tidigare event i KTH Entré

Lunchseminarie 8 oktober 2020: Clothes; Reborn

Mikael Lindström, Professor KTH

KTH Research into the Spinoff Company Renewcell

Tahani Kaldéus, Head of R&D and Innovation Renewcell AB

Renewcell – we make fashion sustainable

Clara Alderin, Project Manager H&M Foundation

Global Change Award – an innovation challenge aiming

to make fashion circular.

Lunchseminarie 10 september 2020: Satellites

Christer Fuglesang, KTH

All those satellites! What they do and how they get there

Danai Katrali, KTH

A CubeSat student experiment

Nils Pokrupa, OHB

Sweden isn't big - but it has a lot of SPACE

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