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Communicating through sound: learning from media production to advance sonic interaction design

Tid: Fr 2019-11-29 kl 10.00 - 11.00

Plats: Seminary room 1440, Lindstedtsvägen 3

Medverkande: Sandra Pauletto, Media Technology and Interaction Design

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As more and more everyday devices become smart and intelligent, we can “talk” to them, and they start to “talk” back. In this context sound is rising to be perhaps the most natural and free (as free as air) way to interact, access and communicate with computers. But while speech and music have rich literatures, codes and long documented histories upon which we can base our audio designs, other sounds (everyday sounds, abstract and synthesized sounds) do not. In this lecture Sandra Pauletto will argue, through a number of research examples and findings, that sound design practices developed in media productions such as film and theatre are a rich, yet under-valued and under-researched, resource for sonic interaction design and sound computing in general.