Finance Department at ABE.

Please contact the Finance Administration regarding EFH, supplier invoices, customer billing, inventory.

Funktion email Finance Administration:

Finance Manager

Accounting officer

Ana Brené  Architecture
Phone: 6108
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Nezahat PektasCivil and Architectural Engineering

Phone: 8660

Address: Teknikringen 74D

Derya Bulut EU projects

Phone: 7329

Anastasia Gross EU projects

Phone: 8522

Liudmila Lindell  EU projects
Phone: 8660 Address: Teknikringen 74D

Elena Paderina Philosophy and History

Phone: 7313

Address: Teknikringen 74D

Linda Berg Real Estate and Construction Management
Phone: 7356
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Linda Lundstedt Jäder Sustainable development, Environmental science and Engineering (SEED),

Phone: 7310

Adress: Teknikringen 74D

Juan Grafeuille  Urban Planning and Environment, CTS
Phone: 8312
Address: Drottning Kristinas väg 30

Barbro Hallås  Finance Administration
Phone: 7983

Betty Jonsson Teran Finance Administration

Tina Thoor Finance Administration
Phone: 9469
Address: Teknikringen 72D