The ABE school is looking for a chair for the school's recruitment committee

Each school at KTH must have a recruitment committee. The task of the recruitment committee is to prepare and make proposals regarding the employment of primarily professors, associate professors and assistant professors. The committee includes a chair, teacher representatives and operational representatives. Students have the right to be represented.

The chair of the recruitment committee leads the work of recruitment for faculty positions / teacher positions within the school. The chair can be a part of KTH's Faculty responsible group, and participates in policy and regulation work for faculty renewal and development.

Application + CV must be submitted to  no later than 30 April 2019.


  • Appoint the recruitment board for each recruitment case.
  • KTH works actively to train the recruitment committees on diversity and gender equality, with special emphasis on gender equality aspects. The chair should be able to participate in the further development of this work. As the chair is responsible for the school's recruitment, it is part of the chair’s responsibilities to pay particular attention to the gender aspects in the board's work throughout the recruitment process.

The chair of the recruitment committee is also chair of most recruitment boards. As chair of the recruitment board, the following tasks are included:

  • Lead the work of producing the supporting documents and employment profile for the case.
  • The Chair shall ensure that subjectivities does not affect the Board's work, meetings and decisions as the Board's work throughout the recruitment process shall be based on objectivity and impartiality.
  • Formulate KTH's response to appeals. Through the entire process, the committee's work must be characterized by objectivity and impartiality, which forms the basis of KTH's response to appeals.

Job specification:

  • Professor
  • Recruitment of teaching positions is surrounded by several different regulations. The chair needs knowledge of these and the ability to balance them when necessary.
  • Experience in assessing academic employment profiles is a good qualification, ie experience from AU / FR / equivalent is an advantage.
  • Experience of staff responsibility and recruitment at governmental authorities is an advantage.
  • The committee has to assess the applicant's pedagogical and scientific skills, and will therefore assess CV:s in widely differing subject areas. A broad view of science and an understanding of the different traditions and conditions of different fields of science are of merit.