ABE school Operational Plan 2019

The ABE school operational plan for 2019 has now been established.
Operational plan 2019 for the School of Architecture and the Built Environment has a clear basis in the school's Development Plan for the period 2018-2023, which was established in June 2018. The visions in the development plan are made concrete through annual activity plans for the school in the operational plan.

Download the full version of the ABE school Operational Plan 2019

Operational Plan 2019 School of Architecture and the Built Environment.pdf (pdf 833 kB)

The activities listed under each chapter are intended to be carried out in 2019, in line with the school’s Development Plan 2018-2023 and its stated visions. The activities in the operational plan are designed with consideration given to the available resources.

The indicators listed in each chapter are both indicators from KTH’s general follow-up and indicators which the school wants to highlight specifically in order to follow developments over time.

The illustration below presents a summary of the school’s development plan, with formulated strategic goals. The operational plan is structured in the same way using the four main categories: Attractive workplace, High-quality education, Cutting-edge research, and Socially beneficial collaboration.

Please take note that all Rules and Regulations documents published in English are translations of the Swedish originals. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the translation, the original takes precedence.