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Management of research materials

Within a research project, many documents are generated that must be handled in accordance with the public authority's requirements. Most documents need to be registered or archived.

You need to submit the following documents to the department's registrar

  • Grant application (application including CV, publication plan and publication list)
  • Decision on granted funds / grants
  • Rejection of application for funding
  • Description of research projects and research materials
  • Project agreement / contract
  • Approval of terms (describes the payment plan and the financier's grant terms)
    • In cases where PRISMA is used, the approval is registered in the system.
  • Confirmation that the application and grant conditions have been signed (signing by project manager and authorized representative of the fund manager)
  •  Requests (requests for project changes, eg change of project manager, fund manager, extension of outline data, premature end of project)
  • Decision on changes (decision from the financier regarding the request)

If the project requires a permit, both the application and the decision must be registered.

During the project

  • During the project, various interim reports are submitted to the financier. If financial and / or scientific reports, they must be registered.
  • The final report, both financial and scientific, must be registered.
  • Minutes or notes from steering group and reference group meetings linked to the research project need to be archived. Please submit these regularly to the registrar (copies may be kept).

Remember that official correspondence with financiers and clients also needs to be registered.