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Threats and violence

KTH must be a safe, secure workplace. Everyone within KTH has a duty to contribute to this, but it is also an employer responsibility. Threats and violence can take different forms and be conveyed by phone, letter, email, interaction between people or in social media. They can be aimed at an individual, the school or KTH as a government agency. The purpose may be to frighten, generate insecurity, intimidate, disrupt the organisation, damage the KTH brand or seriously harm employees and students.

Handling, preventing and arresting risks of threats and violence requires, among other things, the ability to act quickly when the situation requires and to work in a structured way with a long-term approach. This includes measures such as producing an inventory of risks, mapping and processing them systematically, and monitoring the effects of measures and ensuring that these are followed up. It is primarily a task that is performed by each school within the remit of their responsibility for health and safety. Support for this is offered by the HR Department.

Urgent situations require, among other things, action plans and for them to be known, as well as mental preparation and presence or, if required, technical aids. There are several support functions, which must act to support, relieve and limit the effects in an urgent situation. Within the area of the physical work environment, the safety function is a support function that is intended to support the organisation in situations that arise and to follow up on their consequences throughout KTH.

The safety function systematically prevents physical risks of threats and violence by monitoring the external environment, by offering information, advice, technical solutions and personal monitoring, and also by being actively involved in the planning of premises, as we contribute to make sure that the design of the premises is adapted in safety terms to meet the organisation’s needs.

If or when threats and violence strike KTH, the safety function’s duty is to collaborate strategically and operationally with management and key functions within Joint Operational Support (GVS), and also with KTH’s safety service providers and the Police.

Inform us . Threats and violence do not always occur spontaneously, they were often preceded by situations generating insecurity and concern over a period of time. The sooner the safety function is made aware of these situations, the better our opportunity to analyse and plan for action before they escalate.

Crisis support for employees, other workers and students

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Last changed: Oct 07, 2021