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Launch of the ABE internal seminar series on JML!

Published May 27, 2021

Within the framework of the ABE school's Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities (JML) work, an internal seminar series is now starting with the aim of highlighting the work that is underway to achieve a gender-equal and attractive workplace. The idea is partly that the school's employees should be able to learn more about the work taking place within the JML work and about challenges and success examples in the area and partly to create a meeting place for dialogue and discussion. The ambition is to offer one seminar a month during term time where different themes are raised and guests are invited.

Mats Wilhelmsson

Mats Wilhelmsson, Deputy Head of School and the school's Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities (JMLA), tells more:

- The school's JML group has discussed how we can make it more visible what we do as a group, what is going on within the framework of this work both at KTH and the outside world, and why it is important to work strategically and thoroughly with JML issues. We are pleased to now be able to offer the ABE school's staff this seminar series. The idea is to inform and inspire, but above all to create dialogue, interaction and discussion. We have had different educational initiatives for different groups within the school before, but now we gather all employees in one forum. It will be an opportunity for the entire organisation to meet, and for different perspectives from different people and functions to emerge.

Emelie Blomgren

Emelie Blomgren, Management support officer and administrative support in the JML work (JML-partner) fills in:

- The idea really is to create a space to raise questions, learn together and become more aware and inspired! We start with an introductionary seminar with information about the work that is going on at the various levels right now; locally at the ABE school and at central level at KTH Equality Office. Going forward, we plan interactive seminars and workshops once a month during term-time starting from September. We want to look at the JML work from different angles and perspectives with for example inspiration from other universities or the industry. It can be about both challenges and success stories. Input from all employees is warmly welcome - We would like to know what you want to discuss and learn more about!

Do you have questions, thoughts or ideas connected to the seminar series or the JML work?


At the first seminar on June 9, Anna Wahl, KTH's Vice President, is invited to talk about the plan for continued work for a gender-equal KTH 2021-2022. Mats Wilhelmsson,the school's JMLA, tells what activities are going on within the school and Klara Folkesson from Equality Office gives an insight into the central work and active measures. The seminar ends with the opportunity to ask questions to the panel. The invitation to the seminar has been sent out to all employees at the school.

More information about JMLA and the school's JML organisation

Since the turn of the year 2018, all schools have an appointed Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment (JMLA) who, together with the school's JML group, is responsible for the local JML work.

The ABE school's JML group consists of representatives from the school's six departments, HR and the School's office of Student Affairs and is led by the school's Director of Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment (JMLA) with the support of the school's JML-partner. Contact information for the school's JML group

Gerd Altmann / Pixabay