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TRITA - Report series

Information about ABE school TRITA-ABE report series and who to contact to obtain serial numbers.

The following TRITA-ABE series applies for ABE publications:

  • TRITA-ABE-DLT-serial_numbers for Doctoral and Licentiate Theses,
  • TRITA-ABE-MBT-serial_numbers for Master and Bachelor Theses, and student essays,
  • TRITA-ABE-RPT-serial_numbers for other kinds of reports.

TRITA series must be available electronically and shall according to an earlier decision (V-2010-0482) be registered and published in full text in the publication database DIVA.

To obtain a serial number, contact the department's TRITA administrator:






Birgitta Brunström

Sari Nieminen, Paulina Von Rahmel

Birgitta Brunström

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Katharina Lindroos

Real Estate and Construction Management

Nadia Arman

Tora Hedenvind, Alexander Karetnikov

Nadia Arman

Philosophy and History

Betty Jurdell and Fatemeh Tayebi for Philosophy, Sofia Jonsson for History

Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering

Aira Saarelainen

Kosta Wallin, Marie Larsson och Eva Magnusson

Aira Saarelainen

Urban Planning and Environment

Susan Hellström

Therese Gellerstedt

Susan Hellström

  • KTHB (KTH's library) - It is strongly recommended that all doctoral, licentiate, master and bachelor theses and reports have TRITA serial numbers. Please check with your department's TRITA administrator on which policy applies to you.
  • TRITA = Transactions of the Royal Insitute of Technology + A.
  • KTHB - TRITA series must be used instead of all other report series, e.g., ISSN, ISRN or any home made series.
  • KTHB - DOI för elektronic publications. DOI = Digital Object Identifier. Not yet available. See KTHB  for the most up to date information.
  • A printed publication must also have an ISBN. ISBN = International Standard Book Number. ISBN is obtained using a web form at KTHB: ISBN Request