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AIMES - Crossing Borders with Scott Keene

Optical tracking of mixed charge transport in conducting polymers

Time: Fri 2022-10-14 14.30 - 15.20

Location: KTH, Dept. of Fibre and Polymer Technology, Teknikringen 58, Stockholm – level 2, room Råby.

We are happy to welcome Scott Keene to give a talk with the following abstract:

Organic mixed ionic electronic conductors (OMIECs) are a promising material choice for bioelectronic devices due to their low impedance, soft mechanical properties, and ability to transduce ionic signals to electronic currents. These properties enabled the development of high-performance devices for electrophysiological recordings, chemical sensing, cell monitoring, energy storage, and neuromorphic devices. The unique behavior of OMIECs arises from ion intercalation through the bulk of the material which can modify the oxidation state, and therefore charge carrier concentration of the conjugated polymer backbone. However, the current understanding of the dynamics of electrochemical doping remains limited.

This talk will introduce an optical operando microscopy technique which provides insights for ionic and electronic transport in OMIECs. We use this technique to quantify internal fields and compare a variety of OMIECs during electrochemical (de)doping. This work helps resolve the dynamics of electrochemical doping in OMIECs, providing guidance for device design as well as optimizing materials microstructure and chemistry for improved performance in bioelectronic devices.

AIMES - Center for the Advancement of Integrated Medical and Engineering Sciences


Scott Keene, University of Cambridge


Erica Zeglio


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