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Find essential sources in IEEE Xplore

Do you find it frustrating to search in big multidisciplinary databases? Then you might benefit from searching in a subject-specific database such as IEEE Xplore.

Time: Fri 2023-05-05 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Zoom – Registration not required

Language: English

Participating: Anders Wändahl and Miritt Zisser, KTH Library

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Photo of student and librarian discussing

Welcome to a workshop on how to conduct effective and efficient literature searches to find references for your doctoral thesis or research project. 

IEEE is a subject specific publisher that we know many of our KTH researchers use frequently. It is a very powerful database with a command search feature that hopefully will lure you in to new search habits. It includes millions of documents in primarily electrical engineering, computer science and electronics, but also in fields such as artificial intelligence and information theory. 

During the workshop we will give you an introduction on how to best go about searching in IEEE Xplore and you will also have time to search on your own individual topic. 

No registration needed, just enter Zoom.

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