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Take control of your research data – get started with a data management plan

Having a plan and documentation for your data management practices will simplify your research process and your life! Join us to learn how to create a data management plan.

Time: Fri 2022-10-14 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Zoom- Registration required

Language: English

Participating: Lina Andrén, KTH Library

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Welcome to a workshop on data management plans. You’ll learn what to think about beforehand and what to avoid in order to have good enough research data management, spend less time on trying to figure out what you did a month ago and have more time to spend on your research.

 We’ll discuss common legal and ethical considerations, as well as practical considerations for storage and access control, documentation and more. 

The target audience for the workshop is researchers and doctoral students and the language is English. Doctoral students and researchers at other universities are welcome to sign up. Please note you might not have access to all resources that we use during the workshop. 

This workshop is held in Zoom. 

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