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Order communication services

KTH's contracted communication office is Prime. They can help you with
strategic communication support, campaign planning, designing and layout and write editorial content and articles. Prime knows well our graphic profile and can help with all layout.

Information production

An easier procution that is delimited and clearly defined. For example photography, editorial services, drawing illustrations and graphics. Design of brochures, banners, ads, reports. Brief template Information production (doc 37 kB)

Creative communication

These assignment are about packaging strategies in a creative and conceptual way. For exemple campain concept, channel strategies, digital transformation, content communication Creative communication (doc 38 kB)

1. Brief. Fill in a brief. The brief serves as a job description for Prime and is important for your

continuing work. Describe as extensively as possible what you want to do or get produced. There are two brief templates; one for Information Production and one for Creative Communication. After you have filed in the brief send it to

2. Feedback/de-brief. Prime get back to you with a quote or with supplementary questions to get a more detailed job description. When ordering Creative Communication or larger orders within Information production, Prime always get back to you with a written de-brief. The de-breif shall ensure that the you and the agency have a consensus on the assignment. If the assignment is of a comprehensive nature, which makes it difficult to define the assignment directly in a de-brief, Prime makes a time estimate of how much time it takes to develop the de-brief. This time / cost must then be approved by KTH before the work begins.

3. Quotation. If there are no outstanding issues regarding the content, delivery and execution of the assignment, Prime can proceed from step 1 directly to step 3 and make a quote. The quotation should be written so that it´s clear what is to be delivered. Competence, hours and a time schedule must be specified. Quotation must be accepted by mail before work commences.

4. The work is on! During the project Prime will send you written contact reports on agreements that are made during the project.

Help and support

If you have any questions or want support on your brief or other issues regarding our communication office please contact Malin Söderkvist or Tove Guldbrand .

If you have questions regarding KTH´s visual identity or graphic profile please send a mail to or you find more information here . 

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