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Core values for images

Images that represent KTH must be downloaded with a number of values in mind. These are dynamic, innovative, stars and active. The core values, as stated below, should be seen as a support for those working with the KTH imagery as a whole, or in the form of single images.

Based on target group, message and channel, there is much room to interpret and present these concepts. However, it is important that the terms are clearly traceable in the overall communications of KTH. This requires a vivid discussion on our imagery; between KTH communicators as well as with other interested parties at KTH. The below is a description of how each of these concepts can be reflected in our images.

Concept: Innovative

This is what we want to communicate with the image: KTH is a place where innovative problem-solvers study and work, and contribute revolutionary realisations and inventions. KTH is an exciting organisation that looks at reality from several different angles. We are not afraid to provide the unexpected and different that has a major impact on the future. We are proud of what we do, and want to highlight our success to inspire others.  At KTH, we have a delicate sense of detail and the modern. We challenge existing views, and have a strong social commitment.

Concept: Dynamic

This is what we want to communicate with the image: KTH, and the people at KTH, are surprising – we dare to be unique and different. We do unexpected things that stand out, we are determined and have the energy to boldly move forward. KTH runs a multifaceted, diverse and flexible operation. We are open with our working process, adaptable and innovative. There is a playful and inspiring, yet serious interaction, both internally and externally, that propels our activities.

Concept: Stars

This is what we want to communicate with the image: We are strong and successful people who are proud of KTH and of ourselves. All people of KTH are complex individuals with their own personalities and characters. We have a sense of togetherness and inclusion, and understand the strength of working in a team. KTH people are determined, innovative and aware, keeping our eyes on the future and who have/seek knowledge. We are welcoming, curious, positive and present.

Concept: Active

This is what we want to communicate with the image: KTH's work is based on a clear plan for a sustainable future. We are determined, focused and successful individuals. People at KTH have a strong desire to reach the top, and a confidence that allows us to overcome obstacles and fears. We are strong, enterprising and brave. And we are not afraid to take the lead.

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