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Graphic Line Elements

The line element as a design element is there to lead thoughts to a dynamic intellect, where ideas, thoughts, education, research and people meet.

There are two basic versions of the element:

  • Single colour as a line
  • Multicoloured as a line

In the case of material that is more specific, such as annual reports, PowerPoint or brochures, the single colour line element can be freely used. The single colour line element is available in blue, green, grey and pink. Multicoloured lines are only used for general KTH material.

The construction of the Graphic Line Element

The graphic element should always be scaled proportionately and the lines should never be finer than 1 pt.

Multi coloured lines
Single coloured line

How to use the Graphic Line Element, examples 

Information brochure international

Design example of corporate material where the
multicolour line element is used.

Welcome brochure

Design example with single colour line element
Note that the white frame is also used with the
line element.

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