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KTH’s logotype

The KTH logo has a high symbolic value; when using it you show that you belong to KTH, and that you are part of our brand. This logo is used for communication both nationally and internationally.

The logo confirms that you are part of a solid and trustworthy organisation. This gives force to your communications, and allows you a wider range. Use the KTH logo to support yourself, your section and to make KTH known throughout the world.

Use the logo as a logo

The KTH logo is always

  • placed on the left
  • given one fourth free space
  • set against a white or grey background

This means that it may not be placed in the centre, at the bottom, inside the running text or in an image. The KTH logo must have space around it that corresponds to one fourth of the logo size.

Visibility of the logo

It is important that the KTH logo is visible and proportionate to the element you are presenting. The smallest permitted size for the logo is 15x15 mm for print and 50x50 pixels. See grid for proportions.

Remember to use the right logo

If the cross on the logo is filled in, you have the right one. The logo must stand on its own, and has no text to indicate school affiliation etc.

Logotype, Social Media

The avatar (profile image) in social media should be the KTH logotype. A round version of the logotype has been produced for social media with a round avatar and is only used in these contexts.

To get the avatar logotype please contact

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Last changed: Nov 23, 2018