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Who is allowed to use the logo?

The KTH logo is to be used in all external communication, and may be used by all employees of KTH. The logo is the property of KTH, and must be used to indicate KTH as the sender (e.g., on print materials) or as the proprietor (e.g., of premises).

  • The KTH logo should only be used in circumstances where KTH shows that something belongs to, is owned, produced, or operated by KTH.
  • All employees are entitled to use the logo in their work. However, it is not necessary to include the logo in all internal communication contexts at KTH.
  • Students are entitled to use the KTH logo only on their degree project reports and theses. There are special templates to use for this.
  • Using the logo in connection with sponsorships requires permission from the Head of Communications, as does the use of the logo in combination with other logos.
  • When the sender is a school, the KTH logo is used without the name of the unit; this name is written in accordance with the visual hierarchy. There are three levels to the visual hierarchy. Please refer to the section on visual hierarchy.
  • In social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram , the logo must be added in PNG format with the stated pixel measurements.
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Last changed: Nov 23, 2018