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To ensure uniformity of the KTH word image, it is important that we all use the correct fonts.

When you use the KTH templates in Word or Polopoly, the fonts will be set automatically.

Fonts for print

Fonts for print

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The different KTH fonts can be combined with each other. Each font is available in a number of different weights. For headings, intros and bullet point lists The Sans is used while Farnham is used for body copy. Fonts must only be used in black and white and may be set against coloured solid areas.

Headings: The Sans Semibold
Sub headings: The Sans Bold
Intros: The Sans Semibold
Body copy: Farnham
Info boxes, quotes and bullet point lists: The Sans Bold or Farnham Regular Italic

Fonts for web

Open Sans is an easy to read sans-serif font that is used for headings in KTH websites. For body copy, we use Georgia that is a modern
serif font designed and adapted especially to work on computer screens and mobiles.

Headings, intros, info frames: Open Sans
Body copy: Georgia

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