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Digital Conferences and Events

Restrictions linked to the current coronavirus pandemic have increased the need to be able to conduct various types of digital meetings. In recent months, the solutions available to manage this have been developed further, so that planned and future activities within KTH can be conducted in a satisfactory manner. This page summarises the alternatives currently available to conduct a digital meeting.

Zoom: Procured meeting alternative from KTH’s IT Department

There are a number of procured alternatives options that can be used via the Zoom tool for meetings. KTH’s IT Department can provide recommendations and ensure that can get your digital meeting properly started, however the possibility of someone from the IT Department siting in the meeting and conducting it technically during an entire conference or event is not feasible.

It is important that the individual(s) responsible for the meeting learns how to work with Zoom. Therefore if needed, prior to the implementation of the digital event thee IT Department can provide a brief introductory training on how to proceed.

For inquiries to KTH IT Support, contact them at .

If a major problem arises during the actual conducting of the digital event, you can contact the IT Department during the daytime on telephone number 08-790 66 00.

Zoom Meeting

  • No charge.
  • Maximum number of participants: 500 people.
  • All participants can be seen on the monitor; 25 people per block.
  • Interaction between the host of the meeting and the participants. The audience/participants can be active in the meeting.
  • In the chat, participants can raise their hand and ask questions.
  • There is the possibility of group discussions by using breakout rooms.

For more information, refer to Zoom .

Zoom Webinar

  • The license is lent by KTH IT Support. E-mail a request to .
  • Maximum number of participants: 500 people, no cost.
  • Maximum number of participants: 1000 people, a cost of 3000 SEK per week.
  • Only the image of the host and certain others, such as panellists, are visible; the others are not visible.
  • One-way communication, where participants listen and do not interact.
  • Participants can chat and can raise their hand.
  • Questions can be asked via Q&A.
  • There are no breakout rooms.

For more information, refer to Zoom Webinar .

Differences between an interactive Zoom meeting and a view-only Zoom webinar.

KTH's graphic profile in digital events

The central communication and comprehensive team at KTH have developed branding elements that can be used to present KTH when hosting digital meetings, events and conferences. 

KTH's graphic profile in digital events

Procured suppliers

If you need platforms other than Zoom, our procured suppliers may help you with suitable solutions.

Scientific conferences

For digital meetings within scientific conferences, you may contact our conference and congress organizer, Meetx .


For digital meetings within different kinds of events, you may contact our event supplier, Minnesota .

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