KTH's IT department is responsible for existing technical equipment in KTH premises and provides support for conferences and congresses. It is a good idea to review technical conditions early in your planning as this is often a key component of holding a conference or congress.

Audiovisual technology

KTH premises have standard technical equipment. This varies depending on the hall but covers most conference needs of a more simple nature. Certain other equipment is available to hire internally at KTH but if the conference or congress requires a more advanced technical solution this is ordered from one of the many suppliers based in Stockholm. There is currently no contracted supplier.


KTH's audiovisual technicians may offer help during the start-up of a conference or congress and inspect the existing technical equipment. There is also opportunity to contact audiovisual technicians as and when this is necessary. They will then endeavour to assist as soon as possible.


Orders are placed with the IT department .

Things to keep in mind when ordering equipment

Review the existing technical equipment in the booked premises and go through what your planned activities require from a technical standpoint.

Please be sure to place your order with KTH Audiovisual technology in good time. They have limited resources and with multiple events held at the same time, equipment and support can become fully booked.

At conferences and congresses which only make use of existing equipment and KTH's internal technical support, it is a good idea to designate a person to have responsibility for technical issues and who can familiarise themselves with the system before the event.

If the conference or congress contains digital presentation material, this should be tested on the computer to be used during the presentation to make sure that all the elements work. If several presentations are planned, it is good to use a dedicated presentation computer.

Brief any speakers about the equipment to be used, particularly the type of microphone that will be used and note any preferences. Some speakers want to have the freedom to walk around with a lapel microphone, while some prefer a desktop microphone.

Check how much time is needed for rigging equipment and ensure that technicians have access to the premises.

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