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Depending on the size of the conference and its complexity, the meeting generates an economy that needs to be guided and controlled.
Budgeting, VAT questions, outgoing and incoming invoices, prepayments, internal account etc. The economic administration may have many instructions.

Do you have economical questions, please contact the responsible person for the economy at your school or institution. Our event department can also help you with for example, budget templates, questions about VAT and different payment methods of participant fees.

VAT in relation to conferences arranged by KTH:

When you make a budget for the proposed conference, it will always be excluding VAT.
This is the case when KTH is responsible for the economic result for the conference.

The budget is always calculated excluding VAT, but on the participant fees, you will always add VAT, which will be paid by the conference participants.
It is good to know, that it might be different VAT rates for different groups.

For more information about VAT at conferences, please contact the responsible person for the accountancy at your school.
If you have questions about the budget for the conference, please contact , for a further dialogue.

Budget template for a conference (xls 35 kB)

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Last changed: Aug 24, 2020