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Ordering signage at events

An event requires good signage for visitors to find their way around campus and to feel welcome and secure on arrival at KTH. There are templates to help produce sign content, and KTH Site service department will assist with the placement of signs.

Guidance signs

Depending on the premises used and the type of visitors who will be coming to the conference or congress, it may be a good idea to make use of guidance signs on campus. KTH has two sizes of guidance signs: 70x100 cm or 50x70 cm.


The organiser produces the sign content and mounts this on the signs, which the craftsmen then put out. Read more under contracted services about how to use KTH's contracted suppliers for design and printing in order to obtain help with this production.

There are templates  for KTH's guidance signs.


Orders for sign stands are placed with KTH's craftsmen at the Site service department  when there are fewer than 150 participants at the conference. For larger conferences, the conference consultant will place these orders in consultation with the organiser. When ordering guidance signs please be careful to state the addresses you wish the signs to be posted, at what time they are to be in place and when they can be retrieved.

Things to keep in mind with respect to signage

If the conference or congress has many external visitors, it is important to use guidance signs on campus to direct them to the right premises. For external visitors, it might be good to enclose a map of the campus with their invitation.

As there are many renovations on campus, it is important to consider the easiest way for visitors to reach the conference or congress and whether extra signs are required.

Sometimes, there are many different conferences on campus at the same time with several sets of guidance signs being used. For this reason, please be sure to produce a clear content for your signs.

Other signage

Digital screens at KTH Entré

You may make your conference visible at the digital screens at KTH Entré .
Please send the request to .

The KTH calendar

Make your conference visible at KTH's calendar , on the external web page, the internal web page or on both. Please fill in the form Register events in the calendar .

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