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Venues at KTH

KTH Campus on Valhallavägen has a large number of venues mainly used for teaching and research. These venues offer a variety of solutions for organising events when ordinary activities are not being conducted.

Which premises are available?

Lecture halls

These premises have the biggest capacity with permanent cinema seating. The largest hall, F1 (Alfvénsalen) , accommodates 467 visitors.

Price: about 600-2100 SEK per hour.

Exercise rooms

These premises have a smaller capacity and may be furnished as required. They are suitable for roundtable discussions and workshops. The biggest exercise room accommodates about 60 persons. The most common capacity is about 40 persons.

Price: about 300-600 SEK per hour depending on size and existing technical equipment.

Booking of premises

The booking procedure differ depending on what premises you choose. For more information, please see contact details at roombooking at KTH .

Please see when premises are available at KTH Campus .

Regarding advice and tips, please send an email to .

Bookable alternatives at KTH Campus

If premises are required for mingling and refreshments in combination with other premises, there are several options on campus, depending on the size of the conference or congress. You can read about the most common options below.

  • F2  is a popular lecture hall with the possibility of mingling in the lobby at Lindstedtsvägen 26.
  • Buildings D and E offer several premises solutions and are well suited for conferences requiring several smaller rooms in combination with larger halls. The specially illuminated areas (ljusgårdarna) in these buildings are suitable for refreshments and networking.
  • In the "teaching house" (Undervisningshuset), we have U21  with the break out area and exhibition hall next to it. Suitable for lectures, exhibitions and mingle.

If the booking relates to a later period for which teaching has not yet been scheduled, the premises are booked through the Conference and Event group, which maintains dialogue with Room booking and the scheduling office.

Cancellations must be made 30 days before the event, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

If you require services from the Site service department and the IT department, these will be charged at 15% of the ordinary price for premises.

Other premises at KTH Campus

  • Teknikringen 1  offers nice areas at the ground floor, suitable for examples exhibitions, mingle and seminars. Aren and Torget is bookable in Outlook for those who have the access and the booking will be accepted by KTH Innovation. If you are not able to book in Outlook or have questions, please contact . In the same building you will also find Gradängsalen , booked by .
  • The Lounge at Teknikringen 10  is handled by the ABE school.
  • KTH Entré  is available for seminars or different events, including some furniture and technical equipment.
  • THS, The Student Union  have several alternatives for renting. For requests and booking please contact .
  • The reactor hall , R1, is situated about 25 meters below the ground. From the beginning it was the area where the first Swedish nuclear reactor was set up for researching within nuclear. It is a different and special environment with a capacity for 100 people.
    For booking, please contact .

Things to keep in mind when choosing premises and booking

Book premises suitable for the intended activities. If networking is an important part of your purpose and goals, choose premises that encourage this behaviour. Think about the flows that are created in the different premises and examine how you can influence them.

If you are arranging a larger conference or congress that will require several separate premises or will run for a longer period, it is important to place orders in good time and to examine the possibility of holding your conference outside of semesters.

It is always good to visit the premises beforehand to go through furniture, lighting, technical equipment, etc. in order to address any problems in advance.

Remember that premises might be booked for the session before and after you. If you need time for rigging and derigging, it may be a good idea to book premises for the entire day or for an hour before and after your session.

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