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Venues at KTH are cleaned by KTH's cleaning services, covering both lecture halls and surrounding spaces. It is good to understand how the routines work so you can determine whether there is a need for extra cleaning.

Cleaning routines

Lecture halls are cleaned every morning before 8 am. Exercise rooms are cleaned every other day.

This cleaning is done during semesters. All bookings outside semesters must order extra cleaning.

Other venues have different routines for cleaning but most are cleaned daily. Please contact the Site service department for further information.


Extra cleaning is booked via the Site service department and quotes are provided on each occasion. Please contact .

Things to keep in mind concerning the cleaning of premises

Venues booked for the afternoon may require extra cleaning if someone has used the venue during the morning.

Also remember to order extra cleaning of nearby toilets if the event takes place during the afternoon.

Remember not to leave materials in or outside the venue as the removal of these is subject to an additional charge.

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Last changed: Mar 28, 2022