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Below is a list of the furniture that KTH's Site service department delivers to events on KTH Campus. If the event requires additional furniture this is rented from the contracted supplier of event services.

Moving furniture

Some events require existing furniture to be moved out from the venue in question. KTH's Site service department offer a furniture moving service. In these cases, the organiser must book extra venues for storing this furniture.

Items of furniture


Standard size folding table.

There are 10 high tables available for use in KTH's venues.


A small number of chairs are available for delivery within the campus.

Registration desk

Registration desk with the KTH logo. The desk is made of stainless steel with white sides, bearing the KTH logo on the front. It has some shelves suitable for programmes and a computer. If name tags are being issued the desk needs to be supplemented by an ordinary folding table with a KTH table cloth.

Poster displays

White folding wall panels of corrugated cardboard, about 270 cm wide and 190 cm high. They have two folds, giving three surfaces on each side on which to display material. Tape may not be used on these displays as this will tear them. Organisers must instead purchase pins for mounting their material.


Orders are placed with KTH's Site service department .

Things to keep in mind when choosing furniture and decor

Examine which existing furniture is available in the venue. Some lecture halls have high tables for speakers, but these are not permanent furniture but are ordered from the Site service department.

Furniture for catering can often be hired through the catering supplier, which makes things easier for the organiser. The catering firm can also be used for some decor for refreshment areas, such as flowers and candles.

Poster displays can also be used to screen off sections of a room or to conceal equipment and materials.

Furniture can do a lot for the networking at an event. Think about how you want your visitors to move and interact with each other and the different elements during an event.

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