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KTH's catering agreements are adapted to the type of event being held. There are suppliers suitable for simpler coffee orders to larger events with a variety of refreshments.

Determine what catering will be needed during the event early in your planning as this will affect the number and type of space/venue that needs to be booked. Identify any factors in the event that might affect the choice of catering, e.g. cultural backgrounds, environmental awareness, number of visitors, etc.

Keep a close dialogue with the caterer and be sure to communicate any expectations. The majority of KTH’s catering suppliers are accustomed to KTH and the buildings and places used for events. They can provide good suggestions on what works and not in the different locations.

Remember to ask delegates about allergies and dietary requirements during the registration process and communicate these to the supplier in a timely manner.

Place an order in Wisum

Catering suppliers are divided into two categories “finare catering” (fine dining) and “vardagsrepresentation” (everyday catering), orders for both of them are done in Wisum by designated employees. Contact purchasing manager for access if you do not have it and state name, department and contact details for yourself or the employee that should have access.

Step by step instructions for Wisum

To note, Wisum is only available in Swedish

  1. Log on to Wisum
  2. Choose “Produkter & tjänster” (Product & Services)
  3. Choose “Cateringtjänster KTH” (Cateringservices KTH)
  4. Choose either ”Finare catering och större event” or ”Vardagsrepresentation” (Fine dining and large events or everyday catering)
  5. Choose location e.g. Campus, Flemingsberg
  6. Choose your items and place your order. 

Fine dining and larger events

Fine dining is catering for lunch, dinner, buffet, receptions including drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as well as coffee and tea.

Larger events are events for 100 attendees and over that require food, drinks, furniture, cutlery and staff.

To note, events with less than 100 attendees can also choose suppliers from this category if the requirement is a more tailored service than everyday catering.

How to place an order

  1. Contact all suppliers within the category and ask for a quote by email.
  2. Choose one of the suppliers based on your requirements e.g. price or assortment.
  3. Place an order in Wisum
  4. Attach the final quote during the invoicing process in Agresso.

Everyday catering

Everyday catering is tea and coffee, working lunches and buffets for up to 100 people.

How to place an order

  1. Check all supplier's assortment in Wisum.
  2. Choose one of the suppliers based on your requirements e.g. price or assortment.
  3. Place an order in Wisum (instructions below).
  4. Attach the final quote during the invoiceing process in Agresso.

For questions regarding catering orders, please email: .

Framework agreement for catering .

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