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Checklist for digital events

Digital events can be executed in a variety of ways. On this page, you’ll find information about what support KTH can offer you as well as advice on what to think about.

The event format

You can choose between; live streaming, pre-recorded videos or a hybrid event dependent on your needs. It is advised that you make a pro and con list and choose the format that suits the needs of your event the best.

Please note, the format of a physical event doesn’t always transfer well to the virtual world. A well planned in person multi day conference works better online with fewer days or even half days. Presentations should be shortened to suit the new format. Also consider your networking options and how to best engage and involve sponsors and exhibitors. Interaction and networking is an important part of the event and will help to increase the engagement and participation of the attendees.

Questions to consider regarding interaction:

  • How will the attendees interact?
  • What network opportunities will be available for the delegates to connect?
  • Is your target group familiar with the latest technology?

If your event is open for attendees worldwide, consider recording sessions in advance and allow for recordings to take place whilst your event is in progress.

Also remember that some services and platforms are not available in certain parts of the world (e.g. Google, YouTube and Facebook is not available in mainland China).

Determine your strategy for how to distribute the content and information from the event, should it be made public or be available for attendees only?

Define the goal of your event and think about whether generating revenue or coming across with your message is more important.

Choose the correct platform

If you are familiar with creating virtual meetings and want to manage the event on your own, Zoom is the best option.

If you need more assistance or would like to host the event in a different format than what Zoom can offer, please use one of our contracted suppliers.


Please note, it is not possible to attend several Zoom meetings at once.

Recommendations and tips for virtual meetings

Procured supplier for conference and congress


Procured supplier for technical support


KTH's graphic profile in digital events

The central communication and comprehensive team at KTH have developed branding elements that can be used to present KTH when hosting digital meetings, events and conferences. 

KTH's graphic profile in digital events

Digital accesability

Digital accessibility addresses the notion that everyone, regardless of their disability should have access to digital services and websites. Please adhere to the legal accessibility requirements .

Helpful hints

  • Know your target group, what do you hope to achieve with the event?
  • When creating the agenda, remember to add sufficient breaks between the sessions, this is usually regarded as something positive.
  • Create a run schedule and include anyone working with the digital production. The schedule will help to identify who does what and when and reduce the risk of going overtime.
  • Rehearse the event beforehand.
  • Place any lighting installations in front of the object/person in question to avoid any backlight and shadows.
  • Ensure the camera is focused on the target.
  • An extra microphone or a headset can be used to improve sound quality.
  • Speaker notes should be placed next to the camera to avoid the need for the speaker to avert their eyes from the camera.
  • Consider the option of using a moderator during the event. A moderator can introduce speakers and help keep the conversation going.
  • Ensure one or more staff members are monitoring the platform and its services e.g. chat function.
  • Consider the idea of a personal greeting rather than having the attendees linger in a waiting room before the event start.
  • Use different interactions tools to engage with your audience. For example, live chat, questions, games and highlight reels.
  • At the end of the event, encourage the attendees to give feedback about the event either verbally or in writing.

Please contact us on  if you have any questions or would like to discuss things further.

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