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Digital events

The current pandemic has brought with it major changes, both generally speaking and specifically towards the activities KTH conduct. Meetings should be executed in line with the recommendations from the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. This also means there has been a major shift towards digital and digitization of events and meetings.

The current situation and near future

The current situation and near future for the events industry needs to be closely monitored during this time of constant change. The below summarized points can in short describe the circumstances the meeting industry is facing and thus the conditions to which KTH needs to adhere to:

  • Digital events needs to, as live events, keep a high quality. During the early days of the pandemic the standards were lower in terms of structure, implementation and technology. Then, it was acceptable to just digitalize the already planned physical events. Now however the attendees are expecting a digital event to be adapted for a digital experience.
  • Hybrid events are a combination of digital and physical events where the delegates can attend both live and virtually. This form of meeting creates the need to find ways in which the delegates and speakers can interact on the same conditions, regardless of which event format they attend.
  • Networking was usually an important factor in live events and it is therefore important that this transferred well to the digital event. Agenda items such as exhibitions, coffee breaks, group workout sessions and competitions are all examples of interactions that can occur.
  • A digital event offers the opportunity to reach a wider international audience with less impact on the climate change than a physical event, please read Checklist for a more sustainable meeting  for further information. An event where delegates attend from all over the world means extra considerations needs to be taken into account regarding different time zones, technical equipment and the technical skill level of the attendees.
  • Planning a digital or hybrid event comes with the responsibility to adhere to legal requirements around GDRP , accessibility  and general .  

The time has come for us to adjust to the current situation and we can no longer cancel or postpone events. There are huge possibilities to discover with digital events. On the left sidebar you’ll find a checklist that can be used as a starting point when planning, executing or following up on your digital or hybrid event.

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Last changed: Aug 23, 2021