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The KTH brand

Our communication is not solely intended for the world to be aware of us. It also contributes to strengthening the KTH brand. Through our brand, we create a clear and uniform image of KTH with various interested parties. A key to success here is being as consistent as possible, to clarify KTH as the sender.

It is mainly in the daily contact with various interested parties that the image of KTH is communicated; in letters, e-mails, presentations, folders and digital channels etc. For this reason, it is highly beneficial if everyone contributes to sending out the same image. Keeping a common graphic profile is one part of building the KTH brand, and all of us providing a true and just image of KTH in our communications is another.

You can find information, guidance and inspiration for how to communicate as an employee of KTH here. Our graphic profile is a valuable asset and strength when trying to create visibility for KTH with our interested parties, and both the logo and name are trademarked; meaning that they must be used in accordance with applicable guidelines. Through the placement of the logo, fonts, colours and graphic elements, we build up a recognition with the recipient, whether in print, moving image or digital channels.

You will also be given a few pointers on how to get started in social media, develop a communications plan for what you want said and done, and how we sign our communications in both Swedish and English. Remember to consider what your audience need or want to know.

Good luck!

Åsa Ankarcrona
Head of communications

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