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PowerPoint presentations

Presentations at KTH must be uniform. These are a few simple pointers that may be of use when creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Keep your presentation short and light

The presentation is not intended as a support for the speaker, but for the audience. It should therefore be short, and emphasise or explain certain aspects of your verbal presentation. Things to consider:

  • What is the most important message to your target group during this presentation?
  • Imagine your presentation as an article in a newspaper. You write the headlines in the slide, and fill in the rest yourself.
  • Keep the text brief; a few points on each slide. Keep your manuscript in your hand rather than in the presentation slides.
  • Emphasise or explain certain aspects, do not tell the whole story in the slides.
  • Use images to emphasise what you are saying and wish to convey.
  • Write down facts and figures on a separate sheet, and hand this out after the presentation. Excessively detailed facts or too many numbers will make the presentation difficult to read.

Presentation about KTH

Slides about KTH and education, research and collaboration at KTH have been developed. These can be used together with the material that you develop for your specific presentation.

Presentation material about KTH

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