KTH in social media

KTH is active in several social media. Each account has a well thought-out focus on a specific target group, for the information to reach the appropriate audience. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Bambuser and LinkedIn for example.


Morgan Valtersson at Department of Communication and International Relations (KIR)

Social media is an effective tool to form relationships and communicate with the desired target groups. These are our guidelines and information about what to do if you want to use social media for work.

Do you have news that you would like to share on social media?

Think about what audience you are targeting. Most likely, there is a channel and an account suitable for your message.

This is a list of the channels that we are currently using.

KTH in social media

Here is a list of our official presence in those channels.

KTH also uses for certain polls.

Is your service not listed here?


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