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If you need to set up an account

If there is no channel appropriate to your target group, or you are organising an event and need a specific channel for a shorter period of time, this is how you set up an account:

Contact us regarding social media  at Communications and Business Liaisons 

Remember that before you initiate a channel representing KTH, you need the approval of the Communications Group at the Department of Communication and International Relations. If you have any questions, or would like some advice on what channels would suit you best, or you are ready to get started, please refer to the contact information on the right.

Things to consider

  • Have you identified a purpose and a target group?
  • Is this the right platform (is this where the target group can be found)?
  • Are there enough resources for daily monitoring and maintenance of the platform?
  • Read through the KTH guidelines for social media.
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Last changed: Jun 27, 2014