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Evaluation and termination

Like any other project, you should evaluate your social media activities. Active channels promote the brand as you exist in the same arena as the target group, while an inactive channel may have the opposite effect.

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Evaluation of social media

If you have a project-based channel, you should terminate it once the project has been completed. If you have a channel intended for longevity, you should evaluate it once or twice per year to see if you have achieved your objectives and purposes.

A few relevant questions:

  • Have you been able to reach your target group in a good way? Are they still there, or have they switched platforms? Was this the appropriate platform?
  • Have updates and information flows functioned as they should?
  • Was the outcome worth the time and money spent?

Closing an account

It is important to close an account that no longer has an active presence. Regardless of whether this is due to the project group or the target audience losing interest. We will gain ground in our communicative efforts if we follow the rhythm of our target groups.

When it is time to terminate the account, it is important to document the user history. In many social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, this is a built-in function to help you download your history. If this function is not available, it is important that you take screenshots or otherwise document the entries made, and do not forget to include the comments.

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