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Handling of personal data in the KTH web form service

Important to know about handling personal data in the form service.

  • KTH's web form service is operated and hosted by KTH and all information collected is stored in databases managed by KTH.
  • During management, operation and maintenance of the service no collected information is passed on to third parties.

    However, keep in mind that if you choose to have a confirmation email sent to the user, the information will be handled by the email provider associated with the specified email address. If you by certain setting make replies included in confirmation email mandatory, you need to understand that this response data is in fact handled by a third party as soon as other than a KTH address is entered! If you believe that this setting can be problematic considering the type of data being handled, let the user decide by themselves if confirmation email should include answers.
  • The web form service's system administrators have access to all collected data. This should be taken into account if forms collect data of a sensitive nature. When collecting sensitive personal data, KTH's Data Protection Officer must always be notified: . The service should not be used at all for the collection of information that falls under confidentiality rules.
  • Users who responded to web forms created in the form service can request their submitted information and, if desired, have it deleted from the system. However, it requires the users to identify themself as senders. This is conveniently done by forwarding confirmation mail with submitted responses or via another identifier. Inquiries of this kind are sent to .

    The above requires that collected information remains in the system.
  • Editors who themselves delete collected information from the web form also permanently erase the information from the system. Collected information is deleted from the web form via the Delete buttons in the form's "Show aswers" section. This procedure is recommended for all forms that are no longer in use!
  • Generally, avoid gathering information that is considered personal information if the information is not necessary and do not store such information in the KTH system longer than necessary.
  • Inform the users of the web form on how the collected information will be used!

    Under the "Settings" tab of the web form you can activate a default text that appears at the end of the form and must be confirmed by the user.

Read more on processing of personal data at KTH .

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Last changed: Dec 09, 2019