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When something goes wrong...

Technology sometimes fails us. Disruptions can occur in KTH's or the user's IT environment, which means that there are no hundred percent guarantees that forms are always sent correctly.

There are some preventative things you can do as an editor though to reduce the risk of non-registered form responses. Here are some examples:

  • Use the Email question and set it to be mandatory and that a confirmation email should be sent to the specified address. Emphasize in the form the importance of the respondent resubmitting the form if such an email does not appear. In particularly urgent cases, the information can be put into a mandatory Checkbox question with this call as the only answer option. Respondents must then actively confirm the information.
  • Successful submitting of forms always results in a response view with a text replacing the form. If no such view is displayed, it is an indication that something has gone wrong. If it is not relevant to obtain the respondent's email address as stated above, it may be worth emphasizing in the information text that successful posting of forms results in such a view and that the respondent should be aware that this is displayed. Occasionally, users of web forms click the Submit button and then leave the page without noticing error messages that appear when fields are not correctly filled.
  • Forms can be embedded in other web pages. This can be practical but it also creates a dependency to another web environment that can potentially be critical. User studies also show that users of forms embedded in other web pages are less aware of error messages that appear when a form has not been submitted, for example, because it is incomplete. In particularly urgent cases, users should be referred to standalone forms where other information does not compete for the user's attention.
  • In particularly critical cases, the form service may not be ideal at all. Contact the administrator of the service at  if you are not sure whether it meets the requirements.
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Last changed: Oct 03, 2019