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About cookies on KTH's website

The KTH website uses so-called cookies, a type of small text files that is stored on the device the visitor uses. KTH uses these to ensure functionality and facilitate the visitor's access to content as well as for analysis of traffic on the website.

KTH uses both permanent and temporary cookies.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are stored on your device for the time allotted by the system that sent them or until you as a visitor delete them.

Some of KTH's websites use cookies from the web analytics service Google Analytics. You will be asked if you want to consent to these cookies when you visit these pages. If you want to revoke this consent, you can delete these cookies in your browser settings. Relevant cookies are sorted under the heading in the list of saved cookies.

Temporary cakes

Temporary cookies, so-called session cookies, are only stored temporarily when you are on the website and are therefore not saved for your next visit. Temporary cookies are deleted when you close the browser or when your session has expired.

Temporary cookies are used on the parts of the website that require login and for certain interactive services.

If the service contains a logout function, the cookie is deleted when logging out, otherwise it remains until you close the browser. The cookie contains an ID designation so that the system can identify you after logging in. For services that do not require login, the cookie is used so that the service can keep track of the choices you make and present relevant information based on these.

If you want to avoid further cookies, it is possible to turn off the handling of these in the browser, but you will not be able to use the parts of the website that require login or the interactive services where the cookie is used.

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