New design on the KTH website

From January 2019, the appearance of KTH's website will be updated.

During 2018, a revised graphic profile has been introduced at KTH with a review of colors, fonts and graphical elements. The updated visual identity takes a holistic approach to KTH's communication channels. The purpose is to create a single visual impact that apply to digital as well as print-based material.

The update of the graphical profile also means the introduction of a new design on the KTH website. These are the most significant changes in this revision:

  • The KTH web site takes a larger width in desktop view, i e on a regular computer screen
  • Body text on standard pages is set in a serif font
  • A number of colors are deleted from the web color palette
  • The site gets increased responsiveness, which means it will perform better at different screen widths, from computer screens to mobile phones

The style changes will not be introduced simultaneously in all parts of the KTH website. It will successively be applied to the various web applications. First, the new look will apply to content in the Polopoly system. The new design is implemented on Polopoly based content from January, 2019.

Does the new design affect me?

As a web editor in Polopoly, there are a number of things you need to consider.

The increased side width gives wider columns, which means wider slots for images. This may require manual adjustments to the images.

Some block templates are affected by the new form. Appearance settings that can be made in these blocks are changed or deleted completely, which has consequences for how the content is presented on the site.

Because of this you should review the following pages and assess how the changes affect the part of the site you are maintaining. Some are things you can act on right now, like the ones that concern image sizes. Other things are easier to approach when the new design is in place, such as the outcome of teaser settings that disappears.

What if I don’t do anything?

No content disappears with the new design. Your web pages will not be "broken". But the content will be presented in a new text format, with fewer colors and with other space ratios. In some cases this means that pages left untouched will not look as optimized for the new style as they could have been.

This applies mainly to pages with column splits and a lot of teaser blocks, such as start pages. Advanced page structures that gather many different types of content are more sensitive to design changes than easily-structured pages with straightforward disposition of text, images, links and c.

The polopoly system will work as usual. However, some appearance settings in the templates are deleted and converted into other options.

Do you have questions about the new design or have thoughts on how it will affect your content? Contact .

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