Blocks that are affected


Teaser text gets a different font (OpenSans) than the standard body text in articles (Georgia). Previously, teasers and articles had the same text format, which allowed teasers to lie in articles and look like seamless parts of the body text area. That circumstance disappears with the teaser's different text format.

In order to avoid clashes between different text formats on page, white background teasers will always appear with gray frames when they are put in the article's body text area. White teasers adjusted to the right or left will, as before, receive a separating vertical gray line. Teasers with a background other than white are separated from surrounding text by the background color. White teasers located in column splitters will not be framed. The split format works as separator.

In some cases, the same teasers are cross-published into multiple articles as a way of managing common page information. As these teasers now get frames and a different text format, they will clearly differ from the rest of the article content. They will not, therefore, blend in with the surrounding text.

Also, keep in mind that white teasers that have been emptied or have been used as some sort of separator now will appear empty with a visible frame!

Example: The first text paragraph is put directly into the body text area and the second paragraph is set in a teaser block according to the expiring web design. The text in the block has the same format as the text in the article so it blends.

In the new design, the teaser text has a different look and needs to be distinguished from the article body text. The teaser gets a frame.

Recommendation: Review pages containing teasers that are supposed to look like the article body text. Does such content need to have a different styling or could it be positioned otherwise? Remove empty teasers used to create spaces on page.


As the web pages grow wider in the new design, the space between different content sections are also expanded. Separator blocks placed on pages to create larger gaps between content parts will therefore create even greater distance. These gaps on pages will mostly be perceived as unnecessary large.

Recommendation: Remove separator blocks with the setting Spacing.


Tables will get gray background in the new design. This will make empty columns and rows in tables visible. They were there even before but were not as visible when they had a white background.

Recommendation: Delete empty table columns and rows.

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